Postpone or Cancel Austin MotoGP to contain Coronavirus

Postpone or Cancel Austin MotoGP to contain Coronavirus

March 2, 2020
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Started by Cathy Olive

Postpone or Cancel the Austin MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix Mass Gathering Event scheduled for April 3rd - 5th, 2020

Circuit of the Americas says on their website “Cheer with thousands of screaming fans in the Main Grandstand”. These fans from countries all across the world won’t be bringing just money with them. The risk of Corona Virus exposure is real! 

Exposing the local Austin and Elroy community to a Pandemic Virus situation that’s currently escalating without a vaccine or cure available.

Exposing 100’s of local Austin and Elroy temporary workers to a Pandemic Virus situation without proper health insurance, protective equipment, gloves, masks and sanitizer. 

Exposing the spread of disease through the use of 100’s of unsanitary portable toilets that are poorly maintained or cleaned.

With the first 2 MotoGP races postponed because of issues related to the Corona Virus, Austin should also protect our community from becoming an incubator for the spreading of a Pandemic disease. 

The Austin MotoGP race at Circuit of the Americas is actually located outside of the city in close proximity to the rural community of Elroy Texas. Our community is made up of mostly senior citizens, retirees and low income families. Exposing this demographic to a pandemic disease is completely irresponsible and self serving to those who will profit from the event, then leave us to deal with the inevitable damage it will cause.

If the event goes forward, the attendance will most certainly be impacted by the reduction in already concerned travelers who choose NOT to attend. The State of Texas requires clear Out of State attendance numbers to be met in order for the Governors office to subsidize the race financially. 



This petition made change with 141 supporters!

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