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Bullying in public

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I have a daughter who’s 11 years old, She has been bullied by the neighbors children for months and still going on. Recently had it with them bullying and reported it to the police the officer came out he was rude and didn’t want to help us at all he said there’s no law that states bullying is not allowed and told us there is nothing he can do about it, we had told the cop about people who get bullied usually end up commuting suicide because of bullying and the officer kept saying that the kids are allowed to bully my daughter all they want. I told the officer how my daughter is suffering the officer replied that's apart of being a kid, he can't tell them to stop that's how you grow up and learn deal with it, As if he was sticking up for them, I did not teach my daughter to bully she's such a sweet little girl. She's afraid to go outside plus she's afraid of the kids parents. The mother is not watching her children but when something happens every one comes running and sticks up for them even though those people where not around but just because they’re friends with them. I had tried to take it up with the parents but they are the same way as the kids they threatened us and everything this is the reason I had to call the police thinking something could be done but for officer to say that it’s perfectly fine to bully and say things like yell f u to my daughter tell others my daughter is dirty, ugly, looks like trash, don't take showers, that Her hair is greasy. Laugh at her. We did not grow up racist and the other day my daughter went with her friends a colored family and the bullies started laughing and making rude racial remarks saying hahaha she's going with the *black* family and much more, when my daughter got back they started laughing again then the bullies said how was your *black* trip started laughing out loud. Today the boy yelled f u to my daughter laughing away. My daughter wants to co

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