Thwarting Threatened Registration of Muslims with U.S. Government

Official discrimination against members of any religion has no place in a civil democratic society. Any invidious discrimination on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender or sexual orientation fosters a civic climate that tolerates and encourages all such discrimination. Jews have living memory of forced registration and civic disqualification.

Everyone – Jews and non-Jews alike – must stand up against any resurgence of religious prejudice against Muslims by thwarting the effectiveness of any registration regime. Standing together in solidarity will uphold the U.S. Constitution's ban on state action respecting an establishment of religion (1st Amendment), demand that President-Elect Trump fulfill his duty to "take care" that the Constitution and laws are faithfully executed (Article II), vindicate our values of religious tolerance, and fulfill our duty to love our neighbor as ourselves (Leviticus 19:18).



As initially proposed by ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal


President-Elect Trump repeatedly has advocated and expressed his intention that Muslims resident in the United States will be required to register as such with the United States government; and

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution bans state action in respect of any establishment of religion, including tests and other qualifications on the basis of religion; and

Article II of the United States Constitution obliges the President of the United States to take care that the Constitution and laws of the United States are faithfully executed; and

Incitement and tolerance of invidious discrimination on the basis of any religion, ethnicity, race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation cultivates a civic climate that countenances all such discrimination, including anti-Semitism; and

Incitement and tolerance of religious discrimination have no place in any civil society; and

The Jewish people have living memory of anti-Jewish legislation and other official discrimination in Nazi Germany, including civic disqualification and registration with the government, preceding the Holocaust; and 

Core Jewish spiritual values teach that one must not stand idly by the blood of one’s neighbor (Leviticus 19:16), and that one must love one’s neighbor as oneself (Leviticus 19:18); and

Principles of deep ecumenism view all religious traditions as potential paths to the sacred; and 

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z”l (of blessed memory) professed faith with the Sufis of Hebron to exemplify the spiritual principle that Jews can and must stand in faithful co-religionist solidarity with Muslims;  


If Muslims are required to register as such with the United States government, then all Jews -- and all other persons in familial or communal relationship with Jews -- are urged to register as Muslims immediately; and

All Jewish clergy associations based in the United States -- including OHALAH (Renewal), Central Conference of American Rabbis (Reform), Rabbinical Assembly (Conservative), Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (Reconstructionist) and Rabbinical Council of America (Orthodox) -- as well as the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, its constituent organizations, all Jewish seminaries and other institutions of learning, and all other Jewish organizations, are urged to adopt, implement and publicize this resolution by all available means; and

All other clergy organizations and other faith-based organizations operating or having influence in the United States are urged to adopt, implement and publicize corresponding versions of this resolution most suitable to the tenets and contexts of their respective faith traditions; and

If Muslims are required to register as such with the United States government, then a goal is established that every United States resident promptly will register as a Muslim; and

Each ratifying organization will transmit a copy of this resolution to the official government office of Donald J. Trump as of its date of ratification; and

This resolution will be publicized by all available means.


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