Reparations for inner city families for trauma filled living due to illegal War on Drugs.

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Living in the inner cities of New York I have been affected by the era of crack cocaine. I have seen my friends parents on Drugs and the last resort choices that they had to make in order to take care of their families. Now older we have men mentally traumatized and cannot love or respect women because they're mother was on drugs and stole from them. Before crack touched the inner cities Black and brown families were 85% two parent families and 45% owned businesses, now children in the inner cities are forced to believe that there are no two family households ever and the only way to success is by music or sports.

When I found out The CIA admitted to smuggling crack cocaine into the inner cities of America due to a series of articles published in 1996 by Mercury News and written by Gary Webb called "Dark Alliance; the story behind the Crack Cocaine Explosion". I was furious! Crack cocaine in the inner cities has torn up numerous families; mothers were introduced to a drug that caused them to sell any and everything to get, even their children. The "War On Drugs" and the "Three Strikes Law" put a lot of inner city men and women in prison. The black and brown ones receiving more time than their white peers. Breaking up inner city families even more and leaving children to care for themselves and their siblings. Police have been put in these neighborhoods traumatizing the residents by "stop and frisk" and seeing the people they are supposed to serve and protect as criminals.  We the people of the inner cities are traumatized, tortured and left without resources for repair due to this "war". 

We are asking for the American Government to have the same compassion for the children left behind after the crack cocaine era that they have for the people of the Opiods epedimic today. Provide mental treatment, funding to help build businesses, funds to schools in those areas that build leaders to run businesses and breed new political leaders. The CIA and US Gov't spent $56 billion dollars a year since 1970 on the "War On Drugs" a budget of $56 billion dollars to each inner city affected by the "War on Drugs" would be a great start for restoration.