Protect kids without a voice!

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The goal of this petition is to give special needs children a voice! To ensure the safety and fair treatment of kids who cannot speak up for themselves, I believe it should be signed into law that every special needs classroom be required to install cameras to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Special needs children oftentimes get abused and mistreated by the people we entrust to teach them as was the case with my niece and several of her classmates over a long period of time. These children are in the same classroom with the same teachers for years and are in school up to 22 years of age and this in turn lets the teachers get too comfortable. This is not to say that there are not great special ed/special needs teachers but there are horrible people in every trade as was the case with my niece and many others! Schools often times over look complaints from parents thinking they are being overly protective or out of laziness. Please help bring attention to this by signing this petition and giving vulnerable children a voice. I have directed this petition at our President, Betsy DeVos (Secretary of Education) and House Representatives!