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Donald Trump DO NOT pull out of the Paris Agreement!

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This is a Global Crisis!

The Paris Agreement came into force on November 4, 2015. The agreement commits world leaders to keeping global warming below 2C, seen as a threshold for safety by scientists and perusing a tougher target of 1.5C. The Carbon emissions curbs put forward by countries under the Paris Agreement are not legally binding but the framework of the accord, which includes a mechanism for periodically cranking those pledges up, is binding. The agreement also has a long term goal for net zero emissions which would effectively phase out fossil fuels. 

Donald Trump, Elect President of the U.S.A. cannot withdraw from the landmark Paris Agreement that included 196 Nations. The U.S.A is the number two emitter of CO2. The world is seeing intense flooding and major droughts. Sea levels are rising and forests are burning in unprecedented wildfires. Keystone species are becoming endangered animals and 2/3 of all species could be extinct by 2020 if we do not act FAST.

 Addressing the UN, Secretary of State, John Kerry projected the blueprint for reducing national emissions by 80% by 2050, measured against 2005 levels . He spoken urgently at the COP22 Conference in Marrakech 11/16/2016.

Mr Kerry stated " No-one has the right to make decisions that affect billion's of people based solely on ideology or without proper input. "

Climate Change is NOT a HOAX!

Mr Kerry visited the Antarctica prior to speaking at the COP22 conference. The shock of what he witnessed brought even more urgency to his voice when speaking to the diplomats. "He had an emotional plea to the incoming US president to listen to faith leaders, military chiefs, businessman, activists, and -above all- Climate Scientists, before abandoning future generations to the ravage of Climate Change.".

This is the fight for our FUTURE and the future of humanity!

This petition will go to the EPA;Mr Mryon Ebell.  A Climate Change Denier who will be appointed to the new administration.


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