Clemency for Adrianne Miller serving 15 years for a NON-VIOLENT drug Conspiracy

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My name is Adrianne Miller and I am humbly seeking commutation of sentence by filing the clemency petition. I have made mistakes in my life due to an extensive history of substance abuse that have directly affected every area of my life. As a direct result of my destructive choices and behaviors, I became involved in a non-violent drug conspiracy for methamphetamine and received a fifteen-year sentence in federal prison and I take full responsibility for my choices and involvement in the conspiracy.  I would like the opportunity to make my wrongs right by giving back to my community and help the still suffering addict learn how to live a drug free, productive and fulfilling life. I have set goals for myself and plan to achieve them starting here during incarceration. I am taking programs, classes and groups that contribute to my wellbeing as a whole to include physical, mental, spiritual and emotional development.  These programs and experiences are teaching me how to change my decision-making skills, develop healthy boundaries, manage my emotions and deal with conflict management. I have maintained clear conduct and am incident free. I have a very solid support system at home from my family and family friends, they have not left my side throughout this whole journey and I am so grateful to have them. They are getting older and I want nothing more than to spend time with my family. I wish I could turn back time and correct the choices I have made that brought me here, but I can’t so I am praying at this point that the justice system will have mercy on my family and I, so I can get home sooner than what it says on paper = 2028. When you are an addict, you lose perspective on what is important in life and I am truly sorry and regretful for those choices that I made through addiction. I know with all of my heart that I have learned the value of sobriety, the cost of my physical freedom and the most important thing #1 - family, #2 - Having the opportunity to serve God and help others like myself find and experience the true joy that life brings us.

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