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Act Now to Save the Fate of Democracy in Togo (West Africa)

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We are the US Diaspora Council of Togo (USDCT), a political organization of the Togolese in the United States.

A struggle for the limitation of the presidential mandate becomes a threat to democracy in Togo. If nothing is done to stop the total spread of anger among the population and its diaspora, we fear for confrontations and tragic outcome.

Our fear of political unrest and possible tragic conflicts is based on the following facts:


·       Political Tensions are currently rising within the country and in its Diaspora against the Gnassingbé family who will celebrate its 50th year anniversary on the January 13th, 2017 as corrupted, bloody and ruthless ruler of the country of Togo.

·       After dictator Eyadema Gnassingbe’s death in February 2005, one of his sons, Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé, took over power in a bloody election which caused the loss of about 500 innocent civilian lives, according to UN observers.

·       In 2015 after 2 terms in office, Faure Gnassingbé disregarded the call for political change by the Togolese people and forced his way to a third term in office through an extremely unfair electoral process that the regime is famous for.

·       In its effort to promote peace, security and political stability in west Africa, ECOWAS took in consideration the outcries of the Togolese people and called for a limitation of presidential mandate to 2 terms in west African countries. Only Gambia and Togo rejected that proposal.

·      Opposition Political Parties and Civil Society groups are planning large scale demonstrations during the coming months and USDCT is deeply concerned about the reprisal of the military regime on these peaceful manifestations.

·      We are calling on the world leaders to use diplomatic means to save the fate of our country’s democracy by:


1.     Bringing back the more comprehensive and representative Constitution of 1992 that limits the Presidential mandate to two terms and or the 2006 Global Political Agreement (APG)

2.     Restoring fairness and accountability in the electoral process in Togo

3.     Convincing the current President to step down at the end of his current third term in office


We hope that the International Community will not abdicate its responsibility and will stand by the Togolese people to promote democracy and human rights in Togo

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