Stop the Border Wall

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We ask our government officials to end the declaration of a national emergency on the border.  We ask that the government order all border wall construction be suspended. The proposed border wall is a colossal waste of money and a monument to hate which will destroy fragile ecosystems created by the river and threaten our only water supply, the Rio Grande—an already endangered river.

The federal government has threatened our community with lawsuits, the taking of public and private lands, the suspension of public input, and the waiving of dozens of federal laws–unlike any other region in the United States–to build a destructive wall to satisfy a political promise made to the far right fringes in our country. 

They are telling us that our people aren’t worthy enough to be afforded the same statutory protections under federal laws, as any other region in the United States – because we are somehow less important and our voice is less urgent than one man’s presidential aspirations and marketing schemes.

The 21 billion dollar price tag could be better spent on hiring more agents and incorporating technology than a wall.  Keep in mind the American taxpayer is footing the bill!

Stand with us to oppose the border wall, the desecration of our river, the taking of our lands, the erasure of our history.  

Please sign now to show our politicians that we do not need or want a border wall here or anywhere else on our border.  We are not in a state of emergency. The only emergency here is the government destroying what is ours.