Create a Safe Zone in Idlib, Syria!

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For almost an entire decade, world leaders have failed to prevent the unspeakable horrors perpetrated by the Assad regime upon its own people in Syria. Now, the brutal Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian backers are attacking the last stronghold of resistance in Idlib, Syria. They are targeting markets, schools, and hospitals on a regular basis. There are over 3,000,000 people living in Idlib - men, women, children - who have nowhere left to run from the hell that rains down on them day in and day out. 

There are a few leaders in the world who have the power to take heroic action to save millions of lives and make sure that the Syria crisis does not extend into this new decade. 

President Trump of the United States, should create a No Fly Zone over Idlib province so that Assad and Putin cannot continue their aerial assaults against a defenseless population. 

President Erdogan of Turkey should open Turkey's border to the hundreds of thousands of recently displaced Syrians who have lost everything and are seeking refuge. European leaders should be on notice that Turkey has taken more than its fair share of refugees and that President Erdogan will not be able to prevent them from heading overseas. 

Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, should travel to the region immediately and meet with recently displaced Syrians. He should do everything in his power to ensure that the UN performs its core function of protecting innocent civilians from this 21st century holocaust in Syria, or resign.