Save Dustin John Higgs

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Dustin John Higgs is being executed on January 15th, 2021. He is being falsely accused of murder. He was accused of killing three girls but later found not to be guilty. All witnesses, including the man who actually killed the girls, confirm Dustin's innocence. He was proved innocent, but people still think it’s necessary to have him executed. 

We need justice for Dustin John Higgs.

Please sign this petition in hopes he will remain alive, because he has a family, and I’m sure they would never forgive the U.S Supreme Court if they executed him. 

This is similar to Brandon Bernard’s execution, for which I now feel very guilty I didn’t spread more information. I am now handing this information to you. Please, anyone can help. We need justice for Dustin John Higgs. 

Informing the president/former president

Former President Trump has the power to execute him, and so does the U.S Supreme Court. This is who we are trying to inform.