Produce Coronavirus Vaccine Without Aborted Tissue or Cell Lines

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Since the 1960s several commonly used vaccines have been researched and manufactured using aborted tissue or cell lines originating from aborted babies. The common ones using aborted cell lines today are chickenpox, shingles, hepatitis A, and Rubella (MMR). The use of these vaccines is a moral or religious violation for many citizens of the United States who see abortion as killing of living babies formed by a creator God. With the energized atmosphere created by the Coronavirus Pandemic, it can be expected that there will be great social (and perhaps, but hopefully not, governmental) pressure for as many individuals as possible to be vaccinated for Coronavirus when a vaccine is produced. There are many individuals who would like to have the protection of this vaccine for themselves or loved ones, but will be unable to participate if any part of the research or manufacture of the vaccine has been done with aborted tissue or cell lines originating from abortions.

With this great conviction understood, we ask that the President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence use all efforts available to mandate that any vaccine or medication developed for the treatment or prevention of Coronavirus or its symptoms be accompanied with public documentation and product labeling demonstrating that no part of the research or manufacture of the medication or vaccine was done with, or aided by aborted tissue or cell lines originating from abortions; or if that is not possible, then information about the use of aborted tissue or cell lines in the research or manufacture process should be in included on the product labeling and communicated at the time of administering in order to allow individuals to make an informed decision that aligns with their religious or moral beliefs.