A​.​G. Barr, We The People Demand Criminal Charges Against Oregon's Sanctuary Government!

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AG Barr,

Oregon's sanctuary government for too long has endangered law abiding citizens, allowed bad actors to enter Oregon and has sided with criminal illegal aliens over law abiding citizens of Oregon. On top of that IT IS A FEDERAL CRIME! Harboring fugitives in the United States is a crime. The precedent has been set now as a Massachusetts judge has been indicted for aiding a criminal illegal alien escape justice. Governor Kate Brown down to every state and local politician who supports sanctuary status deserves charges.

We the people of Oregon know we have sovereignty, we know that the rule of law exists and preserves order in this country. We are a nation of laws, and if we allow politically connected individuals (like Gov. Kate Brown) to live above the law then we no longer have justice, we have fascism. We can't allow anyone and everyone into our state without vetting them. They could be a rapist, a child abductor or killer for all we know. Often times they are exactly that.

Look at the case of Juan Francisco Espinosa-Burgos who was wanted for rape in Oregon City, Oregon, then was allowed to flee due to our sanctuary status. Luckily he was caught at the southern border, but another criminal illegal alien, Alejandro Maldonado-Hernandez, simply fled to Mexico after being charged with manslaughter. He killed one woman and injured several others. This is an Oregonian citizen gone forever, a mother, a sister, a daughter, forever gone from Oregon. This type of carnage is exactly what we should expect when the rule of law is completely disregarded and eroded.

Which is exactly why we need you, AG Barr, to drop the proverbial judicial hammer on Oregon's sanctuary government. Sovereignty and the rule of law MATTER. That's what these far leftist open borders folks don't understand. On that note, I pray you see this and that you do something.

God Bless,

We the people of Oregon