Justice has been Served!! After 21yrs!! Release James N Kellum #07568-081

Justice has been Served!! After 21yrs!! Release James N Kellum #07568-081

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James (Nathan) Kellum started this petition to President Donald J. Trump and

My name is James (Nate) Kellum, sentence to 27 years at the young age of 19, first felony charge, with no criminal record. The Criminal Justice Reform Act meaning the First Step Act,has a few programs to take that could work on getting time off their sentence or working towards earning more good time... I believe that justice has been served!! At what point in this punishment phase does someone take the initiative to start working with men in order to make sure they become productive members of society or at least evaluate them to see who they are releasing into society after coming in at such a young age and spending more than 20 years inside this type of environment.... I am nowhere near the same person that I was 20 years ago and of course I needed punishment for the crime that I committed..They impose the sentence that they did, but that doesn't mean that it actually takes 27 years before myself or any other person learns from his or her mistakes. At that young of an age and it may not happen often that the situation occurs ,but when it does how do you know if we don't reach out and let our voices be heard!! What changes have been made, what skill sets the person has developed and what goals have been set, is what the system is allegedly designed to do and when men utilize it for what it's worth and take full advantage of it, then at what point do you come to realization that the system has exceeded its full potential and then you start to ask yourself would this person be more beneficial out there or in here? 20 years ago I would definitely say in here!!! But today I can honestly say that I am more than ready to be that guy that helps his community and that has a lot of opportunities that are waiting on me to be present before I am able to put them to use. And from a reformed perspective you would want myself and others to come here let Justice be served and once they reach their skill sets, you would want that person to develop and change their mental approach towards life in itself, then when does someone step in and say, Ok this person is more than ready!! Yet no one ever evaluates us in here, they say they do but they really don't.! They have team meeting every six months and if you are not eligible for a transfer at that time then you don't really have anything coming. They tell you to take this class in that class and then you're out in 5 minutes time because they are so backed up on how many they have to do.The federal system is so flawed when it comes to helping men like myself and others when they come in here and to leave a better person! Most men come in and leave out worse than they did when they came in here! I have Clemency pending since September 2017 as well. I am in here on a violent crime but I have not perpetrated any violent instances since my  incarceration of 21 years now. That is a very confident indication that I am clearly not the same person that I was when I came in and have no violent tendencies as a person! So with that being said I ask that you strongly take a look at the length of my incarceration, age of the crime, age I am today, no criminal history, programs I have completed, people I have inspired, my strong determination!!  So,I am asking you to sign my petition and allow me to actively participate in evidence-baste recidivism reduction and give me the opportunity to prove that I am not and will not be a danger to society made in good faith in effort, whether it be home confinement, a halfway house, ankle monitor, work program,or pay a monetary fee of some sort ... Something to help on a reform side,  to achieve for remainder of my sentence which would allow me to get out and work and begin to adjust to society and show the community who I really am!!! 

Thank you for your time,

James N Kellum #07568-081

 My son  being among those sentenced to an unimaginably long sentence in ways that do little to advance justice provide deterrence, or offer solace to survivors of violence. The damage done to these individuals because of the time they must do in prison as well as to their families and their communities are indefinite! People should not have to spend decades in prison without a meaningful chance of release. Their exit vastly underused strategies that policymakers can employ to halt  and meaningfully  reverse our over-reliance on incarceration! Hopefully this petition  considers such alternatives even possibilly Compassionate Release!! This too will allow not just the sick and the elderly but special consideration to those who meet certain criteria. In addition to the new criteria and evidence requirements, the BOP also outlined a series of factors to consider aimed at ensuring that release does not compromise public safety. In the Answer No ,FAMM and Human Rights Watch were specially critical of BOP taking on the role of determining whether compassionate release would jeopardize public safety....We urge the BOP to leave the assessment to the court which is better equipped to do the job.

Consideration of Compassionate Release will include factors related to criminality and potential for a crime free life upon release. These factors should be considered assess whether the request presents particularly extraordinary and compelling circumstances they conclude among others.

A-Criminal History, age of offense, current age, personal history from PSR, nature and circumstances of the offense, supervised release. Detainers and unconstitutional adjustments and problems.

B-Comments from victims

C-Length of sentence and amount left to serve

D-Release Plans

E-Wheather release would minimize the severity of the offense

F-Wheather release would pose a danger to safety of any person in the community

Finally, FBOP put in place a system to track request for the compassionate release and monitor how they are handled and resolved. 1staff member at each institution and 1 in the central office will be designated to maintain the Reduction in Sentence database.

Has this been started? If so why hasn't my son been evaluated, or an assesment been done!! 21yrs, I think it's time!

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At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!