"Help us get Personal Protective Equipment" - Coronavirus Covid19 USA Healthcare Workers

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My heart is with all healthcare workers facing this crisis treating COVID19 patients without Personal Protective Equipment - PPE. It’s been awhile since I’ve completed medical nurse civil defense program & it was oversees but the high spread infectious diseases care protocol is basic everywhere - having one time head to toes protective equipment, apron/suits, not surgical but respirator masks, face masks covering eyes nose mouth, footwear. Everything has to be one time use, properly disposed. Patients - treated in separate wings, preferred stand alone facility to contain contamination. I know in other countries this protocol has been followed in nowadays and here in our super power US - is not as of today, March 18, 2020. Please read & share, post your comments, and if you know any resources how this problem can be resolved, please help.

Bella Kavelerchik, thank you for sharing EM Physician's pleading for help post on Facebook.

Everyone, please read below, heartbreaking message from Emergency Care Physician, asking "Help us get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)! Write your local and federal government officials. Notify celebrities and wealthy philanthropists who can purchase this for us"