Hazardous pay for healthcare workers

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I am aware of the coronovirus situation we are facing. This is more serious than people are taking it. As a Respiratory therapist I am considered to be most exposed to these type of patients.

Rather intubating a patient who comes in with respiratory distress, or administering nebulizers, placing patient on Bipap or Vapotherms, High flow oxygen devices. I am the one who manages the Ventilator. I am the airway I will be in the patients face and be at risk.

Like many times before with other situations a patient comes in and the whole ER staff is exposed later finding out that we were exposed to this patient and now have to get testing and take special medications for example being exposed to TB and having to be medicated for 3 months; or meningitis and having to be medicated. This Coronovirus is much more serious and has proven to be more deadly. We are supposed to be at social distancing however as a healthcare provider I cannot stay home we have to come to work in any situation and care for patients.

I love what I do however I don’t feel we are recognized enough for what we do. Please allow us a raise or at least HAZARDOUS PAY throughout the healthcare system immediately! Thanks