Grant access to experimental drug to save dad and others from COVID-19

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The family of Michael Goldsmith, a 34-year-old father of two who is on life support after being diagnosed with COVID-19, has made a desperate plea to get him the experimental drug treatment Remdesivir. The antiviral, which is awaiting regulatory approval as a coronavirus treatment, is being used in a number of clinical trials across the globe.

Numerous therapies, including antimalarials with antibiotics, HAVE FAILED and Remdesivir has been described as Goldsmith’s only hope of recovery.

Gilead recently announced changes to its program and now "only children and pregnant women can qualify for access under its 'Compassionate Use' program." Michael would have qualified if this change was not made. This has disqualified Michael from being a candidate as he had been intebated for over 4 days (over minimum for trial) since March 20th, 2020.

Please open this trial to Michael Goldsmith and others that have had COVID-19 mitigating methods used that have failed. If this is their only option for survival, Michael's family and others should be given the opportunity to try this. There should be no reason for he to be denied multiple times.