Free Captured Whales Suffering in Russia

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101 Captured Orcas and Belugas are Suffering in Russia

"More than ninety beluga whales are held in small enclosures in a bay near the city of Nakhodka in Russia. Out of sight, eleven orcas are also housed in small enclosures. Ongoing research must show whether the animals have been legally captured. The images were made this week by cameraman, Denis Unak, and journalist Masha Netrebenko. Watch video (available in link).
Local media speak of a whale prison, because of the poor living conditions in the too small enclosures. Activists are also acting out against the traders. Ocean theme parks in China are booming. The animals are said to be intended for Chinese aquariums, while they may only be caught for scientific purposes. Some animals have been in this enclosure since July of this year. The animals swim in endless patterns, waiting for their fate. "

Please help me raise awareness of this horrific behavior by the Chinese and Russian governments. Every time I read about something appalling done by China towards the environment and animals, they seem to do something worse. Whales are highly intelligent and highly sentient; no matter what side of the animal rights fight you fall under, this is morally reprehensible. 

We can raise international awareness to pressure China to stop treating animals like non-living, disposable waste. These whales are suffering, being tortured, and they are aware of the grim fates. 

Please help me by sharing and contacting international animal rights organizations, as well as your local media. STOP CHINA / SAVE OUR WATERS.