Clemency for Ethan "Malu" Motta

Clemency for Ethan "Malu" Motta

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Malu Motta started this petition to President Donald J. Trump and

Dearest President Trump,

We, the great citizens of the "Aloha" State of Hawaii feel the need to bring forth the following petition after learning that one of our own Native Son of Hawaii was fraudulently convicted by an overzealous Assistant U.S. Attorney seeking to gain a conviction at all cost, rather than uphold the very sanctity of Justice. 

To be sure, through the hard work and diligence of a Private Investigation firm in D.C. it was discovered that False evidence was blatantly manufactured by the prosecution in order to prove a critical "Interstate Commerce" nexus of the case.  According to the records and documents discovered by "Above & Beyond Investigations," the gambling evidence used at trial was purchased well after the charged conspiracy had already ended. The records and receipts will clearly show that the exact gambling items displayed to the jury as visual exhibits was purchased on February 25th, 2005, while the indictment charged that the RICO Conspiracy for which Mr. Motta was alleged to be a part of ended in June of 2004!!!!! 

How in the world could this specific evidence be part of a gambling conspiracy in June of 2004, when it was purchased in February of 2005? What prompted the government to fabricate such evidence? And why wasn't any action taken against the prosecution for doing such a thing?  Mr. Motta lost precious years with his 4 children, three of which recently graduated from High School, he also lost numerous educational and business opportunities and more importantly he lost a number of family members, friends and loved ones including his Father, a War Hero and highly decorated Veteran of the Korean War and was not there to comfort his grieving Mother when his Dad passed away. 

Yet despite all these setbacks and hardships resulting from the Government's deliberate fraud upon the Court and despite serving 14 years of his two concurrent life sentences, Ethan "Malu" Motta has not wavered in his efforts to become a better person and continues to serve as a positive Role Model to others. Through his redeeming qualities Mr. Motta has proven time and time again that he is truly worthy of a second chance. Over the past 14 years Mr. Motta has demonstrated excellent post-conviction conduct and good behavior and has also exemplified outstanding leadership skills while serving as a Toastmaster Facilitator, Motivational Speaker & Mentor for a great number of inmates young and old who have also been striving to become good standing citizens and better human beings.

It goes without saying that what really separates Mr. Motta from any other inmate seeking clemency consideration is his kind and compassionate heart, his self-sacrificing nature and his willingness to lay down his life to save another.

Let it be known on more than one occasion Mr. Motta's selfless character was put to the test and each time he stepped up to the plate regardless of the dangers it posed and the resulting repercussions.

To be sure, on December 14th, 2006, Mr. Motta intervened on behalf of a Federal Corrections Officer who happened to be five months pregnant at the time. The pregnant Federal Officer was taken hostage during a major prison riot and Mr. Motta was asked to use his influence to calm hostilities at the prison and ultimately convince the rioters to release the Officer and her unborn baby. By the grace of God, Mr. Motta was not only able to calm the unruly inmates, but he was also able to convince the main culprit to release the pregnant Officer and thankfully today both Mother and child are alive and well.

In 2016, Mr. Motta was called upon again to use his influence to foil several mass murder-suicide plots by vengeful gang members seeking to exact revenge upon a group of Hawaii County Police Officers who were involved in two separate shooting deaths of two well known gang members on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Since Mr. Motta was acquainted with the leader of the notorious gang, he was able to get the leader to issue an immediate "Cease-Fire" Order and stop these gang members from carrying out acts of violence against any Hilo Police Officer, their family members and loved ones.

A month later the "Cease-Fire" Order was extended state-wide to gang members on the neighboring islands after the Hilo Police Department's "Central Intelligence Unit"(CIU) uncovered another mass murder-suicide plot by gang members from the Island of O'ahu who were secretly planning to fly into to Hilo airport and carry out the mass shooting at the Hilo Police Station. Had it not been for Mr. Motta intervening in the secret murder-suicide plot set for the following morning, many innocent lives may have been lost and family members on all sides would have been torn apart.

Ethan "Malu" Motta exemplifies what the true spirit of Aloha is all about, for each time he was called up to intervene in an emergency life and death situation, not once did he hesitate or re-consider saving the life of a Federal Corrections Officer, a group of Police Officers or an entire Police force despite his own life being placed in serious jeopardy and furthermore not once during or after his heroic deeds did he ever seek to gain any benefit or reward from doing what he believed was the right thing to do.

At this time Mr. President, in the name of "Justice" and "Fairness" we the people of Hawaii, along with "Advocates of Change" and "Proponents of Prison Reform", would like to humbly and respectfully request your Grace and Benevolence upon Mr. Motta in granting him Clemency so that he can return home to his family and his people and be the inspirational leader everybody believes he can be. Mr. Motta's goal and dream over the past few years has been to return home to celebrate his Mother's 90th birthday on May 26th, 2021 and to be there in person for his youngest child's High School graduation the following week and it is our sincere hope and solemn prayer that you will find it in your heart to make his dream come true.

For all those who believe wholeheartedly that Mr. Motta should be granted clemency for the "Egregious Injustice" that was levied upon him by the prosecution, please take the time to sign the petition below and feel free to share your comments to the President as to why Mr. Motta should be released from prison and given a second chance.

In addition please forward this link to as many people as possible to show the President that Mr. Motta has the support and backing of the Hawaiian Community and that the Citizens of our great State of Hawaii will not stand by and let this injustice go unresolved. 

Mahalo for your time and consideration in this very important matter and we look forward to a positive response.

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At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!