Better U.S. Environmental Policy

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Many people know that climate change is a pressing issue in today's world, but it is beginning to seem like there are not enough people in higher up places that believe in it. Over the last 100 years, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has skyrocketed due to the continuous burning of fossil fuels, coal, and gasoline; and the Earth is suffering for it. The rapid heating of global temperatures is being felt by the polar regions of the Earth the most. Today, in the summer months of the Arctic, there is 40% less sea ice cover than there was in 1980. Not only is the surface area of the ice cover rapidly decreasing, but the thickness is as well. This jeopardizes the wellbeing of the seal population due to the inability to provide cover for the newborn pups, leaving them vulnerable to the decreasing polar bear population. Climate change has even started to threaten the walrus population in the artic as well. Due to the decreasing amount of sea ice, much of the walrus population is forced into piling on top of one another on the northeastern point of Russia and many are forced to climb to the top of cliffs to seek out refuge where most of them eventually fall to the rocks below. There are many other extreme cases of habitat loss in the polar regions but that is not the worst of it. Tropical rainforests and jungles around the globe have decreased in size by 75% over the past few decades.

The rate of habitat loss is at an all-time high, and if nothing is done, in about 12 years the earth will be beyond repair.

It is time to take action against this epidemic, and the best way to start is with our own country. Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has already dropped out of the Paris Agreement. Those countries who are apart of this agreement do everything in their power to keep the global average temperature increase to well below 2 °C and push funds toward keeping the production of greenhouse gases to an absolute minimum. Not only this but the Trump administration has sought to increase fossil fuel use and scrap many environmental regulations which he has referred to as "impediments to business". Trump's department head appointees and Trump himself do not agree that the carbon emissions in the atmosphere are man-made.

Change needs to happen and it needs to happen now before it is too late, or else the Earth's natural beauty and diverse forms of life may not survive the coming years.

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