Ban Wildlife Trade and Factory Farming to Prevent Pandemics

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"Coronavirus? What about AIDS, SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola and all of the rest? They all came from wildlife or animals on industrial farms. We have to ban wildlife trade and factory farming. Otherwise such outbreaks will occur again in the future." - Nancy McClusky

Coronavirus: Why are We Catching More Diseases from Animals?

"China put a temporary ban on the trade in wildlife as one measure to control the spread of coronavirus but conservationists say it's not enough. They argue that in addition to protecting human health a permanent ban would be a vital step in the effort to end the illegal trading of wildlife."

The filthy conditions in which overcrowded pigs, chickens and other animals are kept on the industrial farms that dominate agriculture throughout the world cause many outbreaks of disease that prompt mass culls and in some cases result in transmission to people.

Overuse of antibiotics on factory farms is responsible for creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and thus poses another serious risk to public health.