Don’t let their heartbeats stop

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Don’t let their heartbeats stop

Campaign in support of political prisoners in Iran who are deprived of medical attention. One by one the political prisoners in Iran have been sentenced to “Silent Death”

 In the face of an international condemnation for executing prisoners in Iran, the regime has changed tactics and silently killing prisoners by depriving them of the medical attention.

Thousands of political prisoners are deprived of medication and medical attention. This has become a widespread practice by the authorities of the Islamic regime to silence dissidents in Iran and to avoid international outrage.

About silent Executions in the Islamic Republic of Iran

 The regime in Iran has devised a new method of executing its political prisoners silently away from the watchful eye of human rights organizations since every time the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced executions of political prisoners in the past; it has faced serious international outcries. Although depriving prisoners from medical attention has always been used as a method of torture for more than three decades; based on reports from numerous prisons, this method has been used more routinely and systematically in the last 5 years. The killings are effectively achieved by deliberately withholding urgently needed medical care usually required for injuries sustained during extended bouts of torture or for pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. The authorities then simply report that the victim died of natural causes while serving time in prison.

 These “silent executions”, as dubbed by activists, are not officially reported by the authorities and therefore go undetected by the public and the international human rights bodies. Presently, hundreds of political prisoners are dying by being purposely denied medication, surgery or even the most basic medical care. Dozens of political prisoners have already died an agonizing and slow death as a result of this method. Many more are succumbing to their illnesses as their families urgently ask authorities for help to no avail.

The international community has so far turned a blind eye to this method of silent executions practiced by the Islamic regime in Iran. 

Political prisoners in a dire need of medical attention. Hundreds more are currently suffering and are in danger of losing their lives. HELP US SAVE THEM     

Sign this petition to raise the voice of humanity in support of political prisoners in Iran.

Frasi Translation:

ترجمه فارسى طومار

نگذاريد قلبشان از تپش باز ايستد

كارزار حمايت  از زندانيان سياسى محروم از دارو و درمان

 زندانيان سياسى در ايران يكى پس از ديگرى به " مرگ خاموش" محكوم ميشوند

رژيم جمهورى اسلامى كه با اعتراضات جهانى عليه اعدام زندانيان سياسى روبرو است اينبار   با تاكتيك محروم كردن زندانيان از دارو و درمان دست به كشتن اين زندانيان زده است.

محروم كردن هزاران زندانى سياسي از دارو و درمان به روشى رايج از جانب رژيم براى خاموش كردن صداى مخالفان بدور از چشمان جهانيان شده است.  در اين ميان سازمانهاى جهانى تا به حال چشمان خود را بر قتلهاى خاموشى كه توسط  رژيم جمهورى اسلامى صورت ميگيرد بسته اند.

 صدها نفر در حال زجر كشيدن  و از دست دادن جانشان هستند. كمك كنيد نجاتشان بدهيم

طومار زير را امضا كنيد و صداى انسانيت در حمايت از زندانيان سياسي در ايران باشيد. 

 ما امضا كندگان زير از شما ميخواهيم

رژيم جمهورى اسلامى را جهت دادن دارو و درمان به زندانيان سياسي  فورى و بدون قيد و شرط فشار بياوريد