Don’t let the Federal Government take away my protections.

Don’t let the Federal Government take away my protections.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Ana Pike

I am a Tasmanian with disability who will lose my rights if the Religious  Discrimination Bill passes.

In Tassie, everyone is protected from humiliating, intimidating, offensive, insulting, and ridiculing behavior. The majority of complaints under this legislation are from people with disability. Demeaning behaviour is still common and Tasmanians with disability are saying no.

But the Federal Discrimination Bill seeks to override that protection in Tasmania, allowing humiliation and other demeaning behaviours in the name of religion.

Today I can challenge anyone who says my disability is because my parents sinned, who insists that I am possessed by the devil, or tried to "heal me"  but tomorrow could destroy these protections.

And it gets worse: since 1998 Tasmanian LGBTIQ+ people, unmarried partners, and women have worked for faith-based schools, hospitals, and charities without fear of being fired, because the Anti Discrimination Act protects them.

The Federal Religious Discrimination Bill would also take that right away. Faith-based organisations will be allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship status, and pregnancy status.

Gay teachers, nurses who are single mothers, and aged care workers in de facto relationships, will suddenly find themselves in the firing line after being protected from discrimination for more than twenty years.

Tassie has Australia's best Anti-Discrimination Act and I won't allow it to be weakened. All of us benefit from Anti Discrimination laws.

I won't allow disabled people to be denigrated on the basis of another person's faith or sacked because they are gay or a single mum.

Help me stop the Religious Discrimination Bill from overrising Australia's best Anti-Discrimination Act. Let's raise our voices together for a diverse, fair, and inclusive Tasmania. 





1,107 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!