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Don’t let me die waiting for cancer surgery - I’m begging you Health Minister, act now

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I’m not ready to die. My husband and I have 6 beautiful children, a fabulous loving blended family - our tribe. But I’m terrified — if the Health Minister doesn’t urgently intervene I’ll die waiting for asbestos cancer surgery.

I don’t have time - it’s already been 11 weeks since my surgeon told me I urgently need a life saving operation. I’m battling a deadly cancer (peritoneal mesothelioma) and now more cysts are growing on my liver. But he can’t operate. The waiting lists are dangerously long and the government won’t fund more surgery places.

It’s a death sentence. Wait lists are so long that patients’ cancers are becoming inoperable - and highly likely they’ll die. I’m desperate to not get to this point - I have my gorgeous kids, family, dogs, and love of the outdoors to live for.

Two years ago mum of 5 Nicole Perko fought to stay alive. Nicole had a similarly deadly cancer, and needed the very same surgeon, Professor Morris, to do the identical operation to save her life as I need.

A petition was started, thousands of people signed on to support and pressure the Health Minister to urgently fund this mum’s surgery - and it won. I’ve signed many petitions since - but now it’s me that needs help.

Please, don’t let me die because of political inaction. I need Jillian Skinner to immediately fund more theatre time and ICU beds for Professor Morris’s team so myself and the other desperate sufferers on the waiting list don’t die. 

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