Shut down all petitions to cancel or stop the release of "Insatiable"

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There's this new show on Netflix called "Insatiable" starring Debby Ryan, and everyone it, but there's a bunch of butthurt people who want the show to be cancelled! Basically insatiable is about a teenage girl who was made fun of for being fat but then  she becomes slim and trim, and everyone suddenly adores her. The plot of this show is that she attempts to get revenge on all the people who made fun of her when she was fat. A lot of people are getting really upset about this show because they think it encourages teenage girls and young women to get eating disorders which is NOT the case. This show is a COMEDY, and none of the negative messages in the show are meant to be taken seriously! Already there is about four petitions on attempting to cancel the show and stop it from airing!  -  This is complete censorship! Like I said this show is not meant to be taken seriously -  IT'S A COMEDY!   Now, I will say that it's wrong to hate on people for being fat, and if this show was actually encouraging people to get eating disorders, then that would be a problem and maybe it should be banned if that was actually the case, but it's NOT!  The true message behind the series is to show people what can happen if you bully people about their size or for any other reason! They are simply expressing this by means of humor!  I understand people may want to get rid of offense of shows, but this is ridiculous!   This show WILL NOT cause eating disorders! It's comedy, and it's meant to be funny and also teach people a lesson! I'm honestly disgusted at how sensitive our society is to everything these days! First white people can't say the n word cause it's "racist", then people can't make jokes about Trump being gay for Putin because it's "homophobic", now this!  To, please delete all petitions that are attempting to shut this series down! The people who are petitioning to stop the release of the show on this site include: Florence given, Realize Your Beauty, Ashley Isenhour, and Hannah Schoen! So, to, find all these petitions and shut them down ASAP! Cuz these petitions are all imposing on freedom of expression! I will not give the URL to any of these petitions because I do not want them getting any more support, but they can probably be found on here easily enough, so I might delete their names. And to Netflix, DO NOT cancel this show because you are doing nothing wrong by releasing it, and likewise the directors and producers of the show are doing nothing wrong by making it!

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