Keep& SUPPORT Netflix’s show Insatiable

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This petition is to keep and sustain Netflix’s new show Insatiable starring lead actress Debby Ryan. This signing is for the purpose to continue a series where the lead protagonists sole purpose is to fight against high school bullies, a corrupted and submissive high school system, and to portray the rise of an underdog in modern high school life.

This series is FICTION based to serve comedy and drama as it’s geared toward high school and young adults audience. I personally have had many weight issues through my life as many of the fans supporting the show and I speak for myself when I say that this show and it’s upcoming content did not offend me in the slightest. There is no present “fat shaming” and I think that it accurately portrays our society today. As the protagonist gains positive attention for becoming the ideal physical image that Americans advertise all the time which is a young thing woman. However Debby Ryan uses that attention in the series to counteract and show that although she physically looks ideal under the Americans eyes she has not changed who she is. She is still the same person who suffered through all the bullying and torment of her high school peers and uses her smarts and willpower to get revenge on the students who tormented her because of the way she looked and acted. I think that’s something that many including myself can relate to. To want to get back at the people who picked and bullied us in our adolescent lives and it also shows that there should DEFINITELY be consequences to what people say and how they treat other people. This show stands for so much more than bullying and a young teens go at high school. It stands for every child, teen, and adult who wish to have a voice to fight back against the people who put us down in life. I support this show, it’s message, Debby Ryan, and Netflix.

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