Support Netflix’s Release of “Insatiable” for its Story of Triumph Over Bullys

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Netflix’s new movie “Insatiable” is the dark comedy story of an obese high school girl who loses all her extra weight and gets revenge on those who bullied her for being “a fatty patty”. Don’t let people’s misinterpretation of this movie as “fat shaming” let its production be cancelled! The bullying this girl receives while obese and then the praise she gets once she loses the weight is a reflection of HER CLASSMATES character not HERS. Her classmates are so incredibly shallow, horrible, and cruel that together they taunt her endlessly for nothing more than her weight. But once she loses that weight she turns the tables on all of them and uses their shallow personality and cruelty against them! This is not a story of a girl fat shamed into losing weight to be popular, it’s the comedy of a school filled with rotten students who all get their just desserts when the Student they torment (Patty) suddenly meets their “standard of beauty” after getting punched in the face and subsequently punishes all of these bullys. Don’t let the voices of a few people misunderstanding the plot prevent this hilarious dark comedy from being made! Show your support and sign today!