Don’t leave my baby without a mum - please fund this surgery!

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I’m only 26 and my health is rapidly deteriorating from a completely treatable brain condition (called a ‘pineal cyst’). But to treat it I need a spare $85,000.

I’ve always worked hard, but this is money I simply do not have. I’m so scared for my future. It’s unfair that, if I was rich, I’d be totally healthy.

I’m 27 weeks pregnant. Unless Health Minister Greg Hunt acts urgently, my baby will grow up with a mother who won't properly be able to care for her child. This breaks my heart. All I’ve ever wanted to do is be a mum.

My young life has been going downhill. I’ve permanently lost some of my peripheral vision. Already, my driving licence has been revoked once because I have blackouts, seizures and lose consciousness.

I want to work full time but have been left with no option but to give that up, too. I live with constant migraines. All this could’ve been prevented if I had the hugely expensive surgery.

But I’m determined to fight this.

Only one surgeon in Australia - Dr Charlie Teo - can operate on me. And only one man - Greg Hunt - can waive the fee to make it happen.

My family need me. My unborn child needs a mum. And I need a life worth living. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

I’m studying to be a nurse but will never finish my degree without this surgery. Please Greg Hunt, allow me to be treated, so I can fulfil my dream of treating others in hospital too.