Don't just pat them, feed them!

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We are citizens of a country that account for more than 30 million stray dogs all over India. Its due to our sheer neglegance that more than 80% are not fed.

We live in a society wherein human life>>animal life. The superiority of our race desensitises us towards the rest of the race, in this case, Dogs. But this is exactly where the irony kicks in, when you see a dog your first instant reaction is "oh, how cute" you pat them, play with them...but here comes the bigger question

Do you feed them? Do you take any effort to give them even the simplest of all, a biscuit?Most stray dogs feed on Garbage and weaken their immune systems which in turns gives them various sicknesses . We're sunken so deep in our own lives's that we fail to realise that Dogs can't fetch food for themselves unless provided. There are over thousands of dogs who are either dehydrated or Malnourished. We see them, yet do nothing about it.

There are numerous ways to help the situation, the most predominant one being our very own democratic government. These are a few solutions our government can take on a large scale: 

  • Remove tax from Pet food. The manufacturing costs of these food products are minimal, hence they should be made available at a feasible price.
  • Fund upcoming NGO's and encourage their campaigns. There are many enthusiasts who have brilliant concepts that require monetary help. Our Government can take up interest and give them a platform by funding them.

    At an Individual level :

  • If you live in a community where there is group of dogs, the members of the building can contribute little amount of food which can be provided to them.
  • Donate to trustworthy institutions in either monetary,kind or volunteering form.

There are cities like Mumbai and Goa who are taking constant efforts to eradicate the situation. In Mumbai city itself there are over 15 NGO's that have a direct helpline number available for 24 hours. These NGO's not only take care of their nutrition but also their medical health.

Recently I visited Rajasthan for a college industrial visit where I observed countless number of dogs malnourished with their Ribs sticking out (as you can see in the above picture personally clicked by me near the Gadisar lake in Jaisalmer). India has 4000 cities, and out of them hardly 10 are taking up responsibility.

Even the smallest bit of our contribution can be a BIG help to a thousand Dogs! Together, lets spread the awareness of this situation so that it reaches every city across India.
Dogs have stomachs too, lets fill them.

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