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Don't Demolish Club Crave: Let's Crave New Life for Club Crave

Mayor Wharton plans to destroy the building located at 380 Beale (the former Club Crave), but I ask that he would not take the easy out and destroy this building. Let us challenge him to not just create one more vacant non-tax producing lot within the boundaries of this city. This building was originally a movie theatre, and was a positive place for all to attend. We no longer have a movie facility in the downtown area, so why not seek the support to turn this building back into a theatre - one that will be a special movie theatre (showcasing only independent and local films). The annual Indy Film Festival does very well, but it only happens once a year. Let's do something to continually appeal and enhance and the cultural "taste buds" of the residents. This is something that can appeal to both tourist and residents alike! I hope that we can band together to encourage our city leaders to strive to bring family centered forms of entertainment back to downtown - this could be a start. We are asking that this suggestion is given consideration, as a viable alternate use for a building that was once the Muhammad Ali Theatre, and the East Gateway to Beale Street! Let's get creative and "pour some new wine in this old wine skin".

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    Mayor Wharton's Plan to Demolish the Club Crave Building
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    Edmund Ford, Jr.
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    Steve Cohen

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