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Proper medical care

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What does Interstitial Cystitis (IC) feel like? A million paper cuts with lemon juice and salt poured on top. A dry catheter insert. A popping rubber band. A bowling ball on your bladder. Acid on open wounds. The intense need to pee as if you've held it for a day; every few minutes. Burning acid flowing out as you urinate. Sore stomach muscles. ALL. THE. TIME. Fear of going anywhere unfamiliar because you dont know where or how easily accessible a bathroom is. BEING DENIED PAIN RELIEF MEASURES because doctors dont believe how much IC hurts. Going to doctors who dont believe it exists. Going to doctors who won't treat it. Going to doctors who know nothing about it. Being given conflicting information and misinformation from every health care provider you see. Being told repeatedly by general physicians to see a psychiatrist because they dont believe in IC. Being ignored when you try to explain how much you hurt. How tired you are from never fully sleeping. You hurt even in your sleep. Its a constant tormentor. One who never leaves. That is my constant reality.The constant reality of hundreds of thousands of women, men and children. We hurt. We exist. We deserve proper care. A. Pain relievers HAVE to be made available to EVERY (IC) patient. B. Any procedure must be performed with at minimum a local anesthetic. C. STOP the abuse of (IC) patients at the hands of ignorant or jaded doctors. D. Place (IC) on the medical marijauna list in EVERY state. E. Follow your Hippocratic oath and stop hurting us by denying pain management. F. Listen to your patient. If we say we pee 60-100-150x a day, its because we DO!!!

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