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Do Not Fund Creationist Schools with Public Money

Louisiana has created a creationist voucher program. This program is providing millions of dollars to creationist private schools. These creationist schools are teaching absurd things like the Loch Ness Monster disproves evolution.

I exposed 20 schools in Louisiana who are teaching creationism and receiving public money.

Other states are copying Louisiana’s model. Texas, where I attend school, is going to introduce its own voucher program.  Texas' program will be modeled after Louisiana's.  If a voucher program passes in Texas, it will likely fund creationist schools with millions of taxpayer dollars.

Tell the Texas legislature not to use public money to fund creationist schools.  Tell them not to pass this creationist voucher program.

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Do Not Fund Creationist Schools with Public Money

Please do not fund creationist voucher schools with public money.

If Texas passes a voucher program, there is a large chance that creationist schools using anti science curriculums will receive millions of dollars in public money. This has happened in other states like Louisiana.

Funding creationism with public money is unconstitutional. It also harms our students, our state, and our country.

When our students are not taught real science, they're not only deprived of a rigorous education; they won't get jobs in science, technology, and academia.

Please vote against creationist vouchers.

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