Save the Waite lodge and trees

Save the Waite lodge and trees

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Why this petition matters

Started by Joanna Wells

Plans for the design of this intersection upgrade have finally been released.

Consultation is open until February 28th.  You can access the plans here.

Please tell them what you think of the plans.

The proposed plan sees the State Heritage listed lodge on the NE corner of the Waite gone,as well as many significant trees.We hope to be able to save the Lodge AND the trees.

We're being offered a 30 second shorter wait at the lights, in exchange for all of this beautiful built and natural heritage.  Doesn't pass any cost:benefit test, does it?

Any gains in terms of traffic congestion will only be short term; there is plenty of research from Australia and around the world to show that this is always the case. Additionally, any widening of the road is unsustainable beyond Kitchener and Claremont Avenues.

Tree canopy is being lost from both private and public land at an alarming rate.  There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that we all benefit from mature trees and the canopy they provide. Tree canopy mitigates heat, and improves our mental and physical health by more than 30%. 

Please join us in telling DIT that you, too, want to keep the trees and the lodge! 

You can also click here to download a petition to SA Parliament. (This forces debate once we have 10,000 signatures)  Print it, collect signatures and return it to the address on the form. Every single sheet completed has the potential to be THE game-changer. Can you complete just one?

There is plenty of evidence to show that our weather patterns changing with summers becoming hotter and drier.  These changes are only going to continue to worsen if we do not work immediately to address the causes of them.  Contributing factors to the change have been the removal of big old trees and the canopy they provide and increasing reliance on cars and roads.  we need improved active transport options - cycle and bikeways - and improved public transport.  All these things are possible, if the political will to make these essential changes exists - we need to help our MPs find that much needed political will!

The intersection upgrade is simply the beginning of the plan to make Cross Road THE preferred heavy freight route, to take B-doubles from the SE Freeway down to South Road. An alternative route must be found to not only stop this from occurring on Cross Road, but to also take heavy freight off all our other main roads, such as Portrush Road.  Big trucks such as b-doubles do not belong in our suburbs.  We will continue to work to achieve this ultimate aim, but in the meanwhile, let's start by saving the Lodge and working to keep the Waite bequest intact!

In light of the dreadful loss of trees at Golden Grove, I have set up another petition, that is not project specific, asking DPTI to plan better around trees, increase public transport infrastructure and generally realise that better roads are not necessarily bigger roads.  If you'd be happy to sign that petition too, you can simply click on this link here .

18,356 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!