Open Disney Stores back up in Australia

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For about eighteen years now, Australia has been without Disney Stores, which unfortunately closed their doors across the nation due to the lack of profit. But it's been a huge two decades for Disney and they've obtained so much more under their belt in the past years (eg. Pixar, Star Wars & Marvel), that I can't see history repeating itself for the worst. Of course, the 16 stores opening back up wouldn't be financially wise, but having a few store locations and a ShopDisney AU site would be incredible.

With Promotions such as the Disney+ Woolworths Ooshies collectables proving so widely popular on Aussie shores, I can only imagine how successful these stores would be. Not to mention, we lack a Disney park, so shops would help fill the void in every Aussie Disney fans heart. 

Yes, it is an option to buy merchandise from the US and UK ShopDisney sites but it's extremely costly and fans often turn to personal buyers and other selling sites for a cheaper alternative. Having stores of our own would save so much hassle and give Australia the Disney wonder it's long overdue. 

Thank you to all who sign this petition! I know the chances are slim, but this petition is mainly to prove that there is interest and that there is a massive Aussie Disney following, big and small, who would adore a return of Disney stores to Australia.