Stop Cruelty on Elephants in Bandhavgarh National Forest in Name of Tiger Conservation

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I am writing concerning the horrific instance of elephant abuse in Bandhavgarh. reported in the article (  ).  I have also read the response of Chief Warden, dated 19th June, 2019  making the two key claims:

a) What is described in the picture is "training" and not abuse.

b) Brutalizing elephants is essential for tiger conservation.

Both of these claims are incorrect. Tiger surveillance was be easily done with drones and technology and does not need elephants.This is not training but torture. No conservationist would endorse the statement that for tiger conservation, elephants need to be abused. Elephant back safari is outdated, cruel and unnecessary and is the most important reason for their misery and negative health condition. Elephants are endangered species and under Indian laws should be treated as such. I am writing to request authorities take immediate actions to ensure the elephants are given a chance to spend the rest of their traumatized lives in peace. My minimum ask from the following authorities:

Mr. Prakash Javadekar,Hon'ble Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Mr Manmohan Singh Negi, ADDITIONAL DIRECTOR GENERAL OF FOREST (Project Elephant)

Director of Bandhavgarh National Reserve Forest

Deputy Field Director of Bandhavgarh National Reserve Forest

are as follows:

a) Stop giving elephant joyrides. It is criminal. There are alternatives available for viewing wildlife

b) Ensure ALL the elephants in their possession are given adequate care, food, rest, water, play.

c) Use modern technology likes drones etc for tiger conservation.

I hope they will do your duty and ensure safety of the elephants whose care they are entrusted with.

Please join me in signing and sharing this petition for safety and health of the captive elephants.