Hanging the rapist, bringing justice to the one year old girl.

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It's time for a change, I think now it's the time to take a step because the authority doesn't. We are living in a country where a one year old, innocent life gets sexually assaulted, we never took a step, we never attempted to, with the thought of "why get Into this unnecessary issues that involves the government". Yes it's a fear that everyone has, but I ask you this, "What if the same happens with the women you love, how are you gonna live with that?", Would you still just post a story on social media just to show that your sorry and then forget about it the next day?. Would you just say, "Oh no, wtf has happened to this country?"

Think about it, let us put an end to this, even if we cannot, let's give it a try, a change, a better place for the women we love and for the women of this country.