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Save & Preserve Dickenson Co Memorial & Industrial High School

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By signing this online petition, you are attesting that you are an individual at least 18 years of age, having an interest in the heritage and history of Dickenson County, Virginia, hereby support the effort to save and preserve one of Dickenson County's last remaining landmarks, hereby request the governing body or bodies of the County of Dickenson, Virginia, and the Commonwealth of Virginia, to save and preserve the building known as Dickenson County Memorial, Industrial and High School (currently known as the Clintwood High School Annex Building), and allow the building to continue to stand as the monument and memorial for which it was built.        

The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1920, and again in 1922 when the first act was amended, declared: "The said school building to be known as  'Dickenson County Memorial, Industrial, and High School building,' and the said school building  shall stand as a monument and memorial to the soldiers, sailors and marines from the said county of Dickenson in the late world’s war, who lost their lives in this war” (World War I).

The fate of this important historical landmark rests in the hands of the Dickenson County Board of Supervisors. Anyone who feels that this building should be preserved for future generations as the monument and memorial for which it was originally intended should consider signing this petition, contacting their appropriate representative of the Board of Supervisors of Dickenson County and their state representatives to express their desire that the building remain as it was intended — a monument and memorial to those brave men who gave the supreme sacrifice for Dickenson County, Virginia, and our entire nation during World War I.

Please sign this online petition if you did not sign the previously circulated petition.

------------------BACKGROUND INFO & UPDATES-----------------

For more info about this petition or the history of the building, please contact us at the Dickenson County Historical Society (DCHS) at 276-926-6355 (leave message if no answer).


From a recent article prepared by the DCHS: "By an act of the Virginia General Assembly on March 10, 1920, DICKENSON MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL was declared a monument and a memorial to these 16 young men from Dickenson County, Virginia, who died during their service to our country during the Great War of World War I.  The information below was taken from their individual WWI draft registration cards, the Military Service Record Book, and census records.  DCHS welcomes any additional information or corrections concerning the biographical information included below: 
ALLEN JACKSON BAILEY 1889-1918 (married) lived at Selton, registered at Roaring Fork Precinct; son of William G. & Mary E. (Ashby) Bailey (interred in Arlington National Cem)
FRED HASKINS COLLEY 1894-1918; (single) lived at Birchleaf, registered at Colley Precinct son of Thomas K. & Eunicy (Colley) Colley (interred in Arlington National Cem)
JOHN HENRY DEEL (no photo) died November 9, 1918 (interred in France)
THOMAS JEFFERSON GRIZZLE 1892-1918;  (married) lived at Nancy, Sand Lick; registered at Frying Pan Precinct; son of Jonas B. & Mary A. (Fuller) Grizzle (interred at Haysi)
LUTHER HAY - 1896-1918; born at Haysi (Draft registration card could not be found) son of Wilson & Elizabeth (Counts) Hay (Interred at Haysi)
WALTER H. KEEL (no photo) 1896-1918; (married) lived at Isom; registered at Chase Precinct, (Clintwood); son of William J. & Louisa (Kelley) Keel
ALEXANDER KILLEN 1889-1918; (single) lived at Osborne Gap, (near Clintwood)  registered at Chase Precinct; son of William & Jane (Collins) Killen (Interred at Norland, Dickenson Co.)
NELSON MULLINS 1893-1918; (married) lived at Skeetrock; registered at Chase Precinct; son of Alex & Hulda (Dutton) Mullins (Interred at Ramey Flats, Dickenson Co.)
WILLIAM A NEECE (no photo) 1892-1918; (single) Dante; registered at Stratton Precinct; son of Z. T. Neece
TEDDY OWENS 1896-1918 (single) born at Jane (Breaks), Dickenson County; registered at Choctaw, Ok; son of Campbell C. & Clementine (Edwards) Owens (Interred at Breaks, VA)
FRED HICKS PRIODE 1896-1918; (single) lived at Clintwood; registered at Chase Precinct; son of Luican A. & Carrie (Neel) Priode (interred at Clintwood)
WILLIE RATLIFF (no photo) 1895-1918; (single) lived at Georges Fork; registered at Chase Precinct; son of Farrie Ratliff (Interred in Montgomery Co. VA)
JESSIE LEE SILCOX 1893-1918;(single) lived at Debusk (near Trammel/Dante); registered at Frying Pan Precinct; son of Joseph & Laura (Ball) Silcox (interred in Belgium)
MORGAN STANLEY (no photo) 1894-1918; (single)  lived at Darwin; registered at Lick Fork; son of 
LEONARD J. WHITE- 1894-1918; (single) lived at Debusk (near Trammel/Dante); registered at Roaring Fork Precinct; son of William A. & Hannah T. (Ball) White
GARLAND WRIGHT 1894-1918; (married) lived at Tarpon; registered at Hill Precinct; son of David C. & Polly C (Reedy) Wright (Interred at Tarpon, Dickenson Co.)"

Thank you for helping to save this important piece of Dickenson County history!


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