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Hiring veterans as reaction forces in schools in case of a shooter situation

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About 1 month ago, their was a school shooting less than one hour ago from where my sons attend school. This is unexcusable and needs to be fought and prevented all across our country. I want to be able to improve the safety situation for our children in our schools nationwide. Right now, the average response time is 11 minutes for police responding to a shooter if not different situation. The Florida shooter had 9 minutes to kill 17 and wound 14 before he was apprehended in another city. Thats too much time for shooters to take advantage of a schools soft environment. The resource officer who was at the school didn't make an attempt to help and look what happened. Sad to say but someone who had been a police officer for 30 years did not have what it takes. What the schools need is veterans that are willing to take action with the training to not only rid the school of the threat, perform first aid and save lives. Right now, in the U.S. is 435000 reported unemployed veterans who have the skillset to perform this privilege and duty with the enthusiasm and discipline it needs. Our children deserve better protection that only a certain type of people can give that. The frequency of these are happening more and more almost becoming the norm which is crazy that that's what our country is becoming. Please sign my petition and lets do our best to make a difference and save the next generation of great Americans. Thanks for reading and hope you feel the same way Ido. 

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