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Petitioning Oklahoma Court Systems DHS, CWS, CPS and the court system and 3 others

DHS, CWS, CPS and the court system: Hold false accusers accountable for making false accusations.

To many families are being or have been harassed by DHS/CPS/CWS because of false allegations. This causes trauma to children by having someone in their home several time inspecting them. After the initial interview and there are no signs of abuse what so ever, the accuser should be punished. If they start to have friends call in because of the filter DHS/CPS/CWS has to stop the false calls have the friend imprisoned as well. This is hurting families. This is trying to make men the deadbeats women want. This destroys families. This is not just against women, men make the false accusations as well. Hold any and all accountable for their actions.

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