Stricter Law against Animal Cruelty in Maharashtra

Stricter Law against Animal Cruelty in Maharashtra

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The request for a stricter law against animal abuse and cruelty is much needed as we see a lot of innocent animals being targeted for no reason and they have to go thru the trauma of many things for eg. Some used for lab testing, some used as an entertainment object, besides we also have people hurting and killing street animals for reasons which has no head no tail. 

My request is to have a fair justice given to all those who don't deserve to be going thru this abuse and cruelty. I believe in the Indian judiciary and have seen it in the past when the laws have become stricter against any offense there are less chances of any offenders.  

This I guess will be a historic decision if we have law enforcement which looks at the severity and the cruelty of the situation and according to it decide upon the judgement to be passed. We plead for a Non-Bailable Offense section to be added to such cruelty which results in death to any animal and that too done with a purpose or intention. 

This will not only have the culprit fear the law breaking but also this will give rights to the animal lover fraternity who look after the street animals by feeding, which the constitution rule 51g clearly says,  feed an animal in the surrounding. Maybe we would be able to built a future filled with harmony