Stop The Transfer of Honest Officer Mr Tukaram Mundhe Chief of PMPML Bus Service of Pune.

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Dear Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra,

I have been a resident of Pune for past 18 Yrs and for the first time in these years I have felt safe to travel through the buses within the city. For the first time, buses do come and they come on time.

For the first time, I see the buses are clean and conductors are not rude. I see buses not blocking the traffic due to breakdown and making more trips on the road and when the feeling had just started to settle that there is a government which cares for people and gives the “Sutra” of such a tough and poorly managed organisation to an able person such as Tukaram Munde, I read the news in a newspaper that some leader from the ruling party want to get Tukaram Munde transferred because he is honest and getting the house in order.

Through this petition, I want to draw your attention to the good work that has been done and how it has affected our life and daily commute. We demand that such honest officers are given time to make a turnaround and get the PMPML in better shape and we as ordinary citizens of Pune have the right to good governance.

We demand that such pressure tactics are turned down and we demand many more such good officers be put into service and encouraged and be given opportunity.