Stop animal sacrifices and animal killing for sake Humans

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Hello everyone, I am Swathi Mhetre a PG student 

I am writing this petition to make you all aware of the hilarious killing which is constantly done with animals and I want your support to bring this in notice of the government

Firstly I am an animal lover ,not just a specific animal I love , I love all the animals  in this world. Most of us have pets in our home whom we love the most .We can understand their feelings very well even we know they too have feelings . Then of course why not for all the animals we think the same? All the Animals do have feelings they do have families like us they do have love like us. 

The incident which made me think seriously on this issue of animal sacrifice and killing of animals for sake of Humans came out when I saw the most shocking scene of an animal being sacrificed at a temple of Tuljapur (Most tourist visiting place) which is located near Solapur city, Maharashtra for the sake of Human Goodness

I want to clear the scene I saw , when I reached there for worshiping Goddess Tuljabhavni , I was confused about what the crowd was waiting so eagerly for watching. Then there came a pandit who bought a calf of a cow near the crowd, the crowd there started raising their voice in chanting "Tuljabhavni aai ch udav udav" I was still confused and a bit feared by getting some idea of what was going to happen and in the next few minutes the animal calf was raised up the heads by the crowd and then the disturbing scene which u will never forget the calf was crying, shouting a loud in its own way, the tears were coming out continuously from the eyes of that calf and in a minute one of the person there raised a sword and in seconds he cut the head of that calf ,the calf went off with its life in a second with pains with tears in its eyes the head was separated and the people there enjoyed the scene and blood of calf was on every persons body who was carrying it up and these people felt as if it was a blessing for them .

This shaked me like anything, I was speechless, I didn't understand what happened, why it happened, for what purpose they did this, what they gained. 

Thousands of questions came in my mind and there was no answer why the government is quite on this issue? Is this right to kill the animals for sake of human Goodness? Is it a Human Thing to do? And the flesh which the people eat of the animal sacrifice made for God is it right  ? Is making animal sacrifice a ritual right thing? Why people believe killing a baby of an animal is not similar as that of killing a baby of human? Why is it so that the animals are killed every time for the sake of Humans? Though it may be for sacrifice for God or for eating of animals both means the same 

I can't bear the pain, the fear the feelings which the animals go through when they know they will be killed alive

Can Humans bear the pain the fear if they know they or their children or thei loved ones will be Sacrificed/Killedfor sake of Human Goodness for sake of eating their Flesh ?

Can they bear it I want the answer? 

This is not just up to a specific calf it's done with each animals who's flesh can be eaten or from which they gain something

It can a cow, calf, chicken, goat etc anyone can be the survivor

I want you people to please support my petition and please stop animal cruelty and stop everything which kills the animal either by feelings or physically

I kindly request all of you to come together sign this petition and support me for the sake to give voice to the voiceless animals

Thank You ����