Justice to cow, which was cruelly killed only for sawing anger to india

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Recently I saw a video of pakistan. In which they trapped  a cow very cruelly and the cow was live. After short time one man come and kill her with Knife. As we can see that cow is alive she suffering great pain. For some time she writhing her legs but there is no men to save her life and this all thing they were doing only for showing anger and arogance towards us.

This is not it in our country and in whole the world this animals(specially cows and calves) suffer very much pain only because they give us milk, help in farming and after all that nothing take from us.And we cruel humans kill them only for our taste and wishes to kill them. So, value of their life is not more our taste!!!?. At the end we can easily conclude that we only kill them because their kindness towards us. Also goat has same worst condition like cows.

Back to our topic I am request you all to give your sign to this petition so, we get this to some responsible authorities and our honorable P.M. so , they take action against this cruel act and give justice to these speechless animals. Thank you for your support.