Ban puppy and kitten sales at Pet Habitat in Burnaby, BC #adoptdontshop

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As many of you know, Pet Habitat in Metrotown is a popular pet store that has many costumers who are clearly unaware of where the animals actually come from and how harsh the living conditions are, in regards to the animals well being. They state that their puppies are from "commercial breeding facilities," which are essentially puppy mills. Meaning the claim that they are not coming from puppy mills is absolutely false and is very misleading.

Words cannot express how heartbroken and upset I was to see these helpless animals stuck in these tiny glass tanks filled with feces, urine and flies. They barely had enough room to move around, which gave the puppies stress and anxiety, especially when people would constantly tap on the glass and take their photo. I also noticed some having little to no water or food. I could honestly go on and on about the inhumane acts that the store commits, but sadly there is nothing we can accomplish, unless we all speak up and give voice to the voiceless. 

This is absolutely not where we should be getting pets from. A majority of the puppies that are from puppy mills are often sick and have behavioural problems. This disturbing practice has a massive impact on the existing homeless animals that need loving homes or unfortunately, they will be euthanized and will not be given a life they deserve. 

Richmond already has a ban in place for puppy mill pet sales and only allows rescued pet adoptions.. but unfortunately Pet Habitat - "Richmond" is on the boarder of Burnaby.. so sadly it is still legal. However, I am hopeful that Burnaby will come to their senses and follow the same path as Richmond. 

Please, I beg you to stop supporting these pet stores. If you are a true animal lover, ADOPT DON'T SHOP!


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