Support Govt of India's move to ban ALL animals in circus: Sign this petition today!

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There is no better way to say this, circuses are obsolete!

The technological advancement today has ensured unlimited means of  entertainment. We don't need to see animals being beaten into submission to perform cheap tricks.

The cruel manner in which the animals are tied/chained all day long, beaten into submission, starved and housed in cages where they can hardly move, and are forced to live in their own urine and feces. 

Recognising the cruelty of animal performances in circuses, the Union Government through Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has, on 28th November, notified a draft amendment to the Performing Animals Rules which prohibits the exhibition or performance of all animals in any circus or mobile entertainment. 

This is a progressive move that will prevent immense animal cruelty!

The draft notification will be published and made into law post public comments.

Write in to the Government, speak on behalf of animals in circuses, show your support to the proposed notification!