Save the only Animal Welfare Organisation in Ballari

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I, Nikitha S A, am the co-founder of CARE- Conservation And REscue, Ballari. I started CARE-Ballari when I was 19yrs old with the objective to help animals and environment. I, along with my friends started a rescue and rehabilitation center from scratch. 

The municipality commissioner gave us 6 months (starting from December 20th 2016) permission to use the premises which had been allocated for 2 years from Oct 2016 for the purpose of ABC to continue rescue work after the other NGO fell into disrepute. Meanwhile we were approaching the officials to extend the period so that we can expand our rescue works.  

On the same lines we approached the Regional Commissioner Amlan Adithya Biswas who guided us. He suggested that we take it on lease so that the government gets some revenue. He also told the Deputy Commissioner Dr. Ramprasath Manohar to help us by leasing the place to us. We also gave a lease requisition letter to the DC. The letter was taking months together to go from one table to another.  While the process was taking too much time and our 6 months period was expiring, we approached the DC for a solution. The DC was very supportive all the time and he told us not to worry and that he will help us in every way possible for us to continue the good work we are doing and that its status quo till we get the lease and no one will ask us to vacate. All this was oral, nothing was given in writing. 

The 6 month period passed, and it was in November 2017, we decided to go to the department head and directly talk about this. So we met the Principal Secretary Ms. Uma Mahadevan. She herself was an animal lover and appreciated the work we did and assured us that she will do her best. We were back with a hope. But suddenly we have received a notice to vacate the premises immediately.

We have 50+ injured, sick and old animals at our care. We have many paralysed animals and Canine Distemper survivors at our place.  There is not another organisation working for animals here, SPCA is dead, municipalty isn't doing anything for animals. We are a team of just 4 members handling the entire scenario. 

We want some breathing time. We are requesting the following:-

1. Allocate a building to start to Animal Birth control Program and Anti-Rabies Vaccination and to shift the animals undergoing treatment. 

2. Lease out 5 acres of revenue land to CARE for the purpose of animal welfare in Ballari District.

3. We are requesting some respect and empathy from the Deputy Director office of Women and Child Development Department. We have been harassed everyday for the past one year. Not only us, our volunteers, workers, and even our animals. As majorly women led and managed social welfare organisation, we request the women and child development department to be supportive of our cause and not hinder our development .