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Giving freedom to One Telecom Operator may leads to cut 25000 jobs in Indian Telecom Indus

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I am an RF engineer by profession and working for a Telecom Vendor company we delivered our services to Mobile Operator like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel etc.

From last almost an year i was hearing FREE DATA, FREE DATA, FREE SIM,Jio - Jio moreover people are not just rushing to get free sim card they were purchasing in black also some of are just standing next to the street to use Free Facebook and Whats App.

Everyone  was happy even some people borrowed money to purchased 4G supported handset but i was in feel soon this will over as soon as they will launch commercial services because nothing could be free in this world specially unnatural resources.

I was in a shocked when the free services long last for more than a year and extended 2 times.

If we see last year we were paying average 250 Rs. to get 1GB data and almost every operator was selling on the same prize. I understand its too much and everyone in India can't afford it.

But why no-one (I mean telecom regulatory ) questioned to operator to justify these prizes.


They don't want to because they have already got their money by selling natural resources spectrum to the telecom company and now they don't want to interfere in public matters. is this what regulatory mean ...??? 

Okay lets take fair enough so far but irony happened when all of sudden an operator after building a hues customer base start selling 1GB data on the rate of just 96 Rs which is 43% lower than the other mobile operator prizes.

it was really hard for other operator to compete this prize but they have no choice left then reducing prizes. the prizes come down to 170 Rs. for 1GB data in less than a year which was nearly 32% lower than last year.

Now the situation is worst than the expected, Companies like Idea and Vodafone starts merging to maintain their profit and be in competition.

there are many other small vendor and sub- vendor companies have loosed their contract & have no option left then the lay off.


or the Modiji wants to fulfil his Digital India dreams on the cost of 25000 telecomm employee job cuts.

it seems they have some interconnection Mr. Modi talks about Digital India ( FREE WALA) and Mr. Mukesh Ambani talks about Modi Ji dreams.

Moreover there are many places where you can easily locate Reliance Jio tower but none of the other operator have. specially next to the School,collages and Hospitals.

I feel that Govt. is full responsible to churn the market, dead the market competition & massive employee job loss.

My request is to Telecom authority is to please wake up and get over the control of voice and data charges per min/per GB because this a business and 1/3 of India getting bread and butter from this.

In the best Interest of Telecom Employee

RF Engineer 

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