#JusticeforKarinandMakayla Tougher Laws - What ever happened to Justice

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On Christmas Day 2017, my life and my families life changed forever. Mark Veneris made the decision to drive recklessly and on drugs and took the lives of two innocent and beautiful people (my Mum and Sister), we were on our way to Christmas lunch with our family.  His actions have resulted in Dad losing his Wife of 30 years and his youngest daughter (who was only 18, she had her whole life ahead of her) and robbing me of my precious Mum and only Sister, time we will never get back. Mark Veneris’ actions that day caused dire circumstances and  there needs to be a deterrent to others by laws fitting the crime. 

With time served Mark Veneris could be out of prison by Christmas 2021 to spend with his family - while his actions have resulted in our family never having that opportunity again!

We are hoping the Attorney General will appeal the light sentence, having since found out Veneris is appealing his sentence asking for it to be reduced.

Veneris has done enough damage to our family and should stay behind bars where he belongs. His traffic history is appalling and should not be allowed to drive on our roads and do to another family what he has done to ours. This alone just shows how pathetic our laws are and how easily criminals can get off with crimes, with just a slap on the wrist. I lost my Mother and Sister that day, what did he lose? Nothing! He can’t even serve a minimum term behind bars, as lenient as it was.

Please help us by signing this petition. Our family was never expecting anything like this to happen. Drivers on our roads are not being punished accordingly for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and taking innocent lives away from their families. With our current laws people like this will only get a slap on the wrist, be let out and do it again, next time it happens it could be your family. Please help us fight for a longer sentence to help keep other families together and not ripped apart as ours was by the actions of someone else. Help us fight for tougher laws so criminals serve the required time and don’t get let of easily.