Teach sign language in all schools

Teach sign language in all schools

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We are taught French, Spanish or another beautiful language in school which is amazing but I believe that we are missing out on teaching the main language- sign language. Which is also a beautiful language, but it is one that deaf people do not get to pick if they want to learn it or not. For most of those with hearing difficulties it is the only way to communicate.

There are a lot of people who have problems with hearing and when people get older there is a decrease in hearing too. Some people even get bullied for being deaf because they are classified as different and ‘outsiders’. Therefore, I think it is important to teach sign language in schools! This will not only allow everyone to better communicate with those who have problems hearing but it will also increase understanding of deafness. 


Therefore, I am starting this petition to make it compulsory to teach sign language in every school. Those who want to learn French or Spanish can pick it as an option from year 9 or can do it as an extra curriculum. 

People that will benefit from this is basically everyone! Friends will be able to talk to their deaf friends, teachers will be able to communicate with their students and those who have problems hearing will be able to get the help that they require. 

Finally, on tiktok I saw a black male talking about how if he was to be pulled over by the police then he would have been scared because he would be trying to communicate in sign language but the police would think he wasn’t listening or that he was throwing up ‘gang’ signs, therefore I believe everyone should be educated with sign language to ensure the safety and the best for everyone.