Interviewers should focus on knowledge, not 10 - 10+2 marks

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Objective: To stop industries, MNCs etc to set interview selection criteria based on 10 and 10+2 marks which is totally baseless.

Who are affected: Future generation of India: The young minds and hence, whole India.

Why: Setting criteria for interview based on 10, 10+2 marks is baseless because of following reasons:

  • Score is not the way to measure knowledge: Learning something and scoring good marks in something are two different things. There are plenty of hacks, question banks, suggestion books etc. through which someone with good memory can score good marks without knowing anything about the topic. While students having crystal clear understanding may fail to express their views about the topic properly if they don't memorise it leading to poor marks.
  • 10/10+2 score do not showcase true skill: Let's be fair, most of Indian educational boards and schools aren't equipped with mandatory equipment for teaching and hence they do not provide students the option to choose their choice of subject/topic. For e.g. let's suppose a bright students with keen interest in computer programs studied in ABC Higher Secondary School. But due to the school's lack of enough computers/faculties, he is forced to choose some other subject instead. This will most probably shatter his dreams of being the best computer programmer. Even if somehow he manages to teach himself all about computer programming and becomes a genius, his marks in 10/10+2 will pull him back as it won't showcase his true skill.
  • Not all educational boards are equal in generosity: If we compare average marks of all students passed from different boards, we will find some boards are too generous, they give away marks like it's free public property and some are too strict, they consider marks as their personal property. Hence it's not fair for students from later boards.
  • Difficulty differs every year: Even in the same educational board, average marks differ largely every year affected by the difficulty of question paper. For e.g. let us suppose in year 2010, students scored an avg of 60% in 10th, but in year 2011 it's only 40%; then an interview selection process with 50% minimum marks criteria is not fair for students who passed 10th on year 2010. Even if a board tries to fix this problem by varying the difficulty of other question papers, it's not a proper solution. It's not fair for students as it is going to affect their decision of which subject to choose for career.
  • A student scored below avg marks in 10/10+2 doesn't mean he/she is hopeless: A student can score poor marks for various reasons. It might be due to some personal reason or illness or an accident. Whatever the reason, a scorecard should not be the decider of his/her future.
  • Everyone deserves a chance to correct past mistakes: Even if a student was not serious about career during his/her 10/10+2 exam, but this doesn't mean he/she is still not serious. Maybe it took more time for them to determine their purpose in life.

In short: A piece of paper called "mark sheet" is currently the deciding factor of our country's future. It decides if someone is "qualified" to do a job better than others based on "once upon a time the student scored a total of X marks in all the subjects chosen for him/her by his/her board or school".